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Oct 28, 2013 5:30am EDT
, supported by united-states law and backed by real estate. it's a killer strategy. >> nothing even comes close to the events that than and his team put on. they are information-packed and have helped me so much. >> over the course of this show, you're gonna see examples of the 31 real-estate deals that i have going on right now, like the one behind me that i'll be selling in just a few days and will make over $35,000 on. at my events, yore also gonna see examples of people who are making money in your backyard using my system. and that's why these live events are so valuable, because you're gonna be learning what is working right now in today's market, as opposed to outdated information from a book written three years ago. however, if you sit around and wait, you're gonna miss the absolute best window of opportunity to make money. because we're at the bottom of the market cycle right now, which is the best time to get in. right now, i'd like to give you the opportunity to get two tickets to the upcoming two-hour training event for free before they're gone. >> announcer: if you're loing t
Oct 30, 2013 12:35am EDT
are you in? we're a law firm. i assume your primary paper needs are stationery, general office. you know, i'll be honest with you about something. where i used to live, our paper supplier had a lot of big clients, and i just didn't feel like a priority. so i guess my question to you would be, how many clients do you have? about 80. really? that many? this doesn't seem like a very big operation. well, it's just me, my wife, and my son. (michael) ah, so when-- when did you set up shop? oh, i opened this place after i came back from vietnam. ooh, vietnam. i hear it's lovely. hmm. (andy) each side will have three minutes to prepare opening arguments. topic: hilary swank is attractive. (all) hot. the debate is whether she's hot. what difference does it make? attractive, hot, beautiful-- we're talking about the same thing here. huge difference. a painting can be beautiful, but i don't want to [bleep] a painting. oh-kay! tmi. so even specialty paper, say 94 brightness double-bonded, you would put that on the same truck as your conventional stock? you sure know a lot about paper for a lawyer. oh
Oct 28, 2013 9:00am EDT
with their daughter. now she wants to know if there are me women and babies. mother-in-law thinks lamont needs to get gone. well, lamont took a lie detector trustand we will find out the >> and there's nothing that you want to tell me before we open the results? >> no. >> all right >> that is great >> kirk: all right. are you ready for the results of the test? [applause] heering] >> ready. >> kirk: lamont before the show, our lie detector administrator asked you the following questions. besides your baby's mother have you ever had sexual intercourse with another wom during your relationship with leslie? your answer was? >> no. >> kirk: well you will be happy to know that he failed. >> you failed. >> you failed. it's who you are. that's no. no. see this is it. you should have known. and you should have been honest enough to say look i need a different life. this is not what i want... and she is going to live with that. she can live without you. but she do not need someone who don't know how to care about her in her life. she needs someone -- people -- >> kirk: let's see if we can resolve this and get
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)